Logotype Manual

The instructions contained in this Usage Manual of the PCC Registered Trademark are legally binding as they define the uniform graphic representation of the company, which is an integral element of the company’s image identifiable by the general public, state organs, employees, and commercial and non-commercial partners. The uniform graphic style of the Prague Congress Centre is a part of the company’s corporate image and is a distinct, unmistakable expression of the uniqueness and character of this important institution, and a symbol of its solidity, stability and integrity. The uniform graphic representation of the company strengthens the company’s reputation as an employer and stimulates collegial cohesion among employees, and also serves to protect the company against any potential illegal infringements.
The most important section of the manual defines the fundamental parameters of the company’s Registered Trademark (logotype), all possible variations of usage thereof, and specifications of standardized typefaces for use in printed marketing materials. Only expressly permitted persons may use this manual. Such persons are obliged to apply the rules of this manual and apply the guidelines contained therein in practice. It is forbidden to use any depictions and/or graphic representations not depicted or described in the manual. Ignorance or disrespect of the rules of the manual can result in damage to the interests and/or good name of our company and therefore we kindly request you pay sufficient attention and adhere to the information therein.           

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