Here are several messages of gratitude and feedback on services provided at past events:  

  Info Gratitude
Goldschmidt Conference 2011
Attendance: 5,000            
Year: 2011
Goldschmidt Conference 2011, dedicated to geoscience, and in particular geochemistry, geology and petrology. 
3rd Pharmaceutical Science Fair and Exhibition
Attendance: 1,000

Year: 2011
The 3rd annual trade fair dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector and attended by over 40 international companies 
Samsung Forum 2012
Attendance: 500            
Year: 2012
Samsung Forum 2012, for presenting the Samsung corporation’s vision and strategy for the year, and showcasing new products.
18th GIS ESRI in the Czech Republic
Attendance: 600           
Year: 2009
Company conference of ESRI, dedicated to geographical information systems. 
International Conference of  the Koinonia John the Baptist Association
Attendance: 400              
Year: 2009
Photo: Koinonia John the Baptist
International cconference marking the 30th anniversary of the founding of the association with members in 15 countries
Congress Forward 2012
Attendance: 1,200

Year: 2012
Salvation Army European Congress which took place on October 12. – 14, 2012. 
XXI. Angiology Days 
Attendance: 400             
Year: 2007
Held under the patronage of the Dean of the Medical Faculty
of the Charles University. Attended by over 400 doctors from
the Czech Republic, Slovakia and 10 other countries.

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